My name is Carissa, and together with my handsome boyfriend Casey, we bought a vintage 1967 Airstream Overlander! It’s a 26 foot double model and we couldn’t possibly be more thrilled about our investment! We’ve dreamt about buying, gutting, and restoring an Airstream – but it was merely a distant dream. One that we’d planned to make come true one day, but we were unsure of when. That is, until Casey stumbled upon a STEAL of a deal on Craigslist that we just could not possibly pass up!!! The stars aligned and within 24 hours, we went from dreaming about an Airstream to owning one! We could not be more excited. We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are willing and able – and SUPER ready to turn Stella into our Dream ‘Stream!!

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  1. Hi Carissa,

    I was really interested in reading your post about lifting the shell of your airstream. My boyfriend and I did the same project that you have started with yours. We spent the last 2 years restoring a 71 Sovereign and we are now living in our tiny home. A few more additions to add but it’s pretty cozy. We are up in southern Ontario and we actually survived the winter :) Here is the blog Keven manages, it may help you on some of your project! https://mistahlee33.wordpress.com/about/ .
    My name is Sarah, if you have any questions let me know! I’ve started following you on pinterest as well to keep up with your project. Here is our pinterest page too:



    • Hello Sarah!

      Thanks so much for checking us out! I’m REALLY excited to follow along on your blog as well! We are in the business of reading as much information as possible right now so I know it will be super helpful! Do you enjoy living in your Airstream? My boyfriend would love it, but I’m a bit on the fence right now. I think I’d rather like to have an actual ‘tiny’ house and travel 3-4 months at a time ;)

      Thanks for reaching out to me! I’m excited to become Airstream (and blog/pinterest!) friends.


      • Hi Carissa,

        We did a lot of research before tackling any part of the airstream, it goes a long way to be well informed. I love living in the airstream! Keven and I are busy people and we don’t like clutter, so having a small space to manage is great. As a girl I was hesitant to live this way, but honestly I don’t find I had to change much from my regular schedule. We did our airstream up so that it had the most houselike amenities. It doesn’t feel “off grid”. We will travel when we can but for now we are just enjoying an easier lifestyle. We will make a new blog post when we have everything assembled (a few tweaks to the decor) and you will see how it looks like a modern apartment inside. If you have more questions you can also contact me at sarah.l.rose@hotmail.com or send Keven a message on here and he can let help you out too :)



  2. Hey Carissa,

    I just stumbled across your post after spending the last month off and on researching what to do about our frame. My boyfriend and I are in the process of redoing a 1975 31ft Land Yacht/Sovereign. Before ripping out the subfloors we were dreading that our frame would be shot. Turns out it is! Well, hopefully not. The frame is pretty rusted to the point that I don’t think just a little patching is going to fix it. We’ve gone back and forth on wether or not to rebuild the entire frame from scratch, or to use our old one and try to Frankenstein a frame together. Our concerns with rebuilding the old frame are if it will be harder to shape the steel to match up with the pieces that can be salvaged, and that if it’s rusted through in many places, is it even worth saving? Will it be sturdy enough? It looks like you guys did a great job on yours. I know even with the small amount of work we’ve put into ours we’ve learned a ton. Any insight you could share would be helpful, and thank you! We don’t have a website, but we’re on instagram :) @airstream_rosa


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