You guys. We had a LOFTY goal of basically rebuilding our airstream from the frame up and then taking it on a cross-country trip in less than 8 months. At times it felt near impossible; we had our fair share of spats, grumpy moments, and stressful situations. But it has been so exciting watching our pile of steel turn into a beautiful Airstream reborn.

The month of July we really had to buckle down if we had any chance of taking Stella to New York. EVERY single day was spent working on the Airstream — 4-6 hours every night after working our full time jobs and 12 hour days at minimum Saturday and Sunday.  But we are THRILLED to say we achieved our goal. It STILL doesn’t feel real, but we’ve packed our Airstream and she’s ready to hit the open road first thing in the morning.

When we get back from our 11-day road trip,we will take a short hiatus from Stella (understandably so) before beginning phase TWO of the rebuild: the INSIDE!!! So looking forward to that part!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you and shout out to EVERYONE that has helped us accomplish our goal and make our dreams become a reality. CJ, Aaron, & Sam of Solar Pro Tint’n’Tunes for letting us graciously raid your back shop to rebuild our girl, for letting us use all your tools, for never being mad when Casey steals your Olfa, for the water and donuts, for the tint & vinyl and for all your sage advice and everything else. Literally. Brad & Ryan for sacrificing so much of your family time to help us with E-V-E-R-Ything. Rachel & Sarah for not disowning your husbands on account of them helping us always. Gloria for being the best power washer Warrensburg has ever seen. Mark and Jesse for sharing in our Airstream crazies and being so strong lifting our air conditioner onto Stella’s roof. Our parents for always stepping up when we need extra hands without question. (and for feeding us!) Brian for being the best house-wife and dog-sitter we’ve ever had. Mandy for brewing us the most awesome beer we have ever seen. Colin Hyde for always answering our phone calls. All the folks who constantly encourage us to go after our dream, who are interested in what we are doing, and who take the time to ask us how our project is going. And to every one of you who read along with us. Thank you. There are not enough words to describe how much it has all meant. It makes this huge accomplishment so much sweeter and we couldn’t be happier to share it with each one of you. From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Fingers crossed all goes well on our road trip! I will post a more thorough “July progress” post when we get home! xo!


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