Frameworthy Plans

The spring rain has made working on our Airstream a bit troublesome this weekend. I love the rain because my flowers are looking great, but jeesh it makes working on Stella unpleasant! Which makes it hard to keep up with the blog, because I don’t have fun pictures to post! We did have a clear Friday night, but we spent it at the Royals game and we weren’t too mad about missing an evening of work on Stella in exchange for a KC victory! #wemissyoubillybutler

Since we couldn’t go down and work the rest of the weekend, we have been tossing around ideas for the frame remake. And as I always say, I am REALLY glad that Casey knows what he’s doing; he’s a jack of all trades that one. He explains to me what he’s got brewing in his mind in regards to everything Airstream, and I am always having to google everything so I know what he is talking about ;) I can really learn a thing or two [or a hundred] from him!

We plan to use the existing frame as a template for the new frame. Building the new one right on top of the other.

We plan to use 2 x 5 x 3/16 tube. Being that I know nothing about steel.. or frame making.. or anything of the sort, I had no idea that you could use tubing to make the frame of an Airstream.. that just doesn’t even sound safe or sturdy! Turns out, this particular tubing is not plastic. Steel tube looks like this:

We Casey debated whether we should use steel tube, or if we should use steel channel [below].

The existing frame is made out of channel so we considered going that route, however the tube will be stronger and will add very little extra weight compared to the weight added if we were to use the channel. The benefits of the tube outweigh the cons and we’d rather be extra safe and not have to [ever] do this again.

Not EVERYTHING will be brand new; we will reuse the tongue of the frame as well as the back bumper with the storage area original to the Airstream.


The tongue …


The bumper …

We haven’t set in stone that we are going to go this route, but we’re about 97% sure. Provided we don’t get any convincing advice otherwise from here on out, we will be going with the tube. Any of you guys have different ideas about how the frame should be made? We’re open to input! And we’re hopeful for sunny days ahead to see what we can do about working some more!

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